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Michigan 3 Gun Combat

The email will be going out for the Night Shoot shortly. Also I messed up on the site, I will change the date to November 11th
The next 3 gun is this weekend July 8th, bring plenty of water and sunscreen.
NOTE: The august 5th Match is a Tactical shotgun only match, 200 bird, 10 slugs, 10 buck.
Due to overwhelming response to 3 gun shooting, we are forced to make a change in our program,
We are limiting our shoots to 75 shooters max
we now use practiscore for signing up for all upcoming events.
If you sign up and decide your going to cancel, you must do so 48hrs before the shoot.
If you fail to do this, and don't show up, you won't be allowed to go on the main sign up list for 1 year, you will only be allowed on stand by.
Signup limited to 75 shooters, you can put yourself on the waiting list if it's full,
Any questions email me
Bob M
Sorry, I have been slacking a lot with the site, Facebook just makes it so much easier.
July 9th for our next shoot, THE TEAM EVENT IS CANCELLED ON JULY 30TH, NO 3 GUN ON THIS DAY.
A hot June match but fun shooting in the new jungle lane.
A quick update for everyone, we have had a great April and a cold May shoot, hopefully June's weather turns out nice.
Lot's of new faces in the crowd, it's great to see more and more people taking up the sport.
We also completed the pole barn addition last month, thanks to Ty for getting it done.
Start reaching out to Dave for the Team Event that will be here before we know it.
New Schedule for 2016 posted,
Our next shoot is this Saturday Feb 6th,
We have been using Facebook more, it's just easier to use and post stuff to.
If you don't like facebook, send me an email, and I will blanket an email with updates. ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
Thanks, Bob M
HOT OFF THE PRESS!!! We cancelled the tough gunner match,
Since we have the range reserved, we are hosting a Carbine match, i.e. 5.56/223 caliber rifle, not a pistol carbine.
expect 300 rds minimum, ranges from 5-200 yds
Plenty of tactics, cover, mag changes, etc.. same rules and scenarios as a 3 Gun, only 1 gun,
Same time and place at BWSA
Any questions email me BOB M
Scores are posted for July and the Sept Championship match, Congratulations to all the shooters that came out and had a great time shooting with us.
Please thank our sponsors for generously donating prizes to the table
Brownells, Motor city Gun Works from Keego, Harbor, Turners Tactical Arms in St. Clair,
And if course Kurt from the Centennial Company in Marine City, Besides the big box of prizes donated by him, he also put that cool Kabar knife on the table, if you get a chance, check out his knife display he has at the store, something for everybody...
June 13th Scores are posted, please note we had to scrap stage 4 due to some internal miscommunications among the RO's
July 11th is the next 3 gun shoot, Dave will be shooting an event elsewhere with his daughter,
So the boss will not be here, that means we can do whatever we want!!!
Also last week in July is the Extreme 3 Gun Team event, get Dave your team captain's email address ASAP
Scores are posted, Chad took top spot, excellent work!!!
Also if you haven't done so, send your team captains name and email address to Dave, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for the 3 Gun Extreme Team event.
Scores are posted, We had a great day of shooting, weather was good, and courses were challenging and fun.
As you can see the spool of misery made a return, I am going to see if I can get more from work, since you like them so much!!!
I trust you liked the new skeet throwers as well, next time water balloons!!!
Next match is May 16th is the next 3 Gun. Thanks Bob M
The Polar Scores are posted, Congratulations to Shane for taking top spot.
I hope you enjoyed the mounds of snow, the deep snow, crawling in the snow, and the hot lunch!!!
I will try to get some pictures posted when I get time.
The Night shoot scores are posted, Chad works best in the dark!!!
I hope everyone enjoyed the food, and challenging stages, as well as getting to shoot your guns in the dark.
We are in the basement at BWSA on Thursday from 6:45-8:30pm practicing our handgun drills.
Bring Handgun, holster, Mags/carriers, appx. 150 rds. ammo.
The Tough Gunner, Run and Gun was awesome, what a good time had by all, I enjoyed watching the shooters compete as much as I like shooting in it.
Rod D took top spot for the Run, enjoy your prizes, and the Pmag I owe you for running my mouth.
Bob M
Championship Scores are posted....
The Championship match was awesome, started a little wet and muddy, it ended up being a great day.
We went with 5 longer stages this time, Dave keeps telling you to work on your Cardio.
I hope everyone got something good off of the Prize table.
A big thank you to our sponsors:
Kurt from The Centennial Company in Marine City, who always hooks us up with great prizes.
Turner Tactical arms for use of the Army truck, Quest Arms in Port Huron, Gun Monkey Tactical, Brownells, Hooligan Holsters, Jbar Holsters, The Last Stand, Motor City Gun Works, and California Competition Works. I will get scores up in a couple of days.

Shotgun Scores are posted, BTW I took first place in my own special division
Bob M
Note: The 3 Gun Nation Classifier is cancelled for Saturday, Sunday Shotgun event is a Go!
The 3 Gun Team Event has come and gone. Scores are posted. Couldn't have asked for nicer weather. The threat of rain never materialized.
Shooters of all calibers, 8 challenging stages, lots of shooting, done by 3:30pm, fun obstacles. Just loved those squirrels ( I think though that they scurried away for next year) "Dick".
Shooting the targets from the cargo net tower proved challenging for some.
Hope all had a great time.
Congratulations to Team #3 for taking first place.

I would like to thank all who helped out. A special thanks to Tom for arranging the Browning machine gun and all his hard work. Thanks also to Leslie, William, John, Chad, Amy and Matt for helping to make this event a success.
Dave B.
I trust everyone liked the Zombie 3 Gun, we had great weather, and some challenging stages, plus plenty on mayhem!
Scores are posted, Mat is the Top Zombie Killer for 2014
** Don't forget this upcoming weekend is the Extreme Team 3 Gun, email Dave B if you need info, or want to sneak in a last minute team.
We still have the 3 Gun nation Classifier, Shotgun Shoot, Year end Match, Night Shoot, and our new event "Tough Gunner" in October.
June Scores are posted, Chad took top honors this month.
We have the stages all set for the upcoming Zombie shoot next week, I think you will like what we have planned for you.
We had some great weather for the May shoot, excellent stages and a great group of shooters to spend the day with.
The May scores are posted, I will see everyone out on the range for the June shoot.


April Scores are posted, thanks to all the shooters that came out and shot with us.
We have a couple of announcements to make,
The Zombie shoot will be shot during the July 12th 3 Gun, Sorry for any inconvenience.
We will be shooting the 3 gun nation classifiers on August 2nd,If you haven't done so please renew or sign up for your 3 Gun Nation Membership for a chance to win a Para Ordnance Handgun
Any questions please email Bob or Dave
The Polar Scores are posted, Will T kept his cool in the single digit temps and showed us how it is done.
Plenty of snow, good food, and a nice day, started out below zero, and ended up a balmy 10 degrees.
The Polar shoot is next week on Saturday Feb 8th, it looks like there will be plenty of snow for everybody.
Snow tonight, snow on Saturday, and Snow next Weds.
2014 Schedule is posted, plan your weddings, anniversary's, birthdays, accordingly.
Night Shoot Scores are posted, Chad is the least afraid of the dark.
Thanks to all that came out to enjoy the day.
We are practicing in the Basement at BWSA on Thursdays, stop by for some trigger time.
6:45 pm, appx 150 rds, bring your holster and mag carries, (Eye's and Ear's)
If you did not get the following email from me, please email me at my lookfor3gun email, ASAP
Everything is looking good for the shoot this Saturday.
We would like everyone signed in by 4:00 pm, there will be the shotgun side matches we need to get done.
Dinner is at 4:30 pm, and we should be able to start shooting before 6:00 pm
Dress for the cold, as the temp will start dropping after dark,
Make sure you have batteries, and a Light stick with you.
Also if you have one of those folding camping chairs, please bring it, we are a few short for Dinner.
All in all it should be a good shoot
Any question please ask


We are hosting a Night Shoot at BWSA, on November 9th 4pm-9pm.

Please click the link for the App, first 28 shooters to mail in their $40 deposit will reserve a spot

You must have prior shooting experience, and be comfortable handling your firearms in the dark


Any questions please email Bob M or Dave B


Next 3 gun Classifiers are on the 20th of October, 9 pm sign in.

6 stages You will need to be part of 3 Gun Nation to get in the draw for the Remington Shotgun.


The scores are posted, and our 2013 Champions are Johnathan L (Stock) and Scott R (Open), they also won the Stage 3 timed event,

They have a free shoot in 2014 coming their way. Squad 6 took the fastest time in the "Stake shoot" so a congratulations goes out to them as well.

I don't know where to start, Great Weather, Great shooters, Awesome stages.

The "Stake shoot" and Tannerite was a "Blast". I hope everyone liked it.

The 99.99 second stage was pure genius, or Evil. (Email the Match Director Dave B all the hate mail for that stage.)

I would also like to thank our sponsors for the great prizes.

Brownells, The Centennial Company in Marine City, Midway USA, Trijicon, Gun Monkey Tactical, Quest Arms in Port Huron, J-Bar Holster, Great Lakes Weapons and Training. Turners Tactical Arms in St Clair.

People ask why we do this, and here is why. It's not about the prizes, and $5000 AR15's


It's that time again, Let's see who is top shooter for 2013

Prize Table open to all participants, please email Bob M or Dave B if any additional information is needed.

I trust everyone had a blast at the Shotgun Match, we setup 7 challenging stages,

The feedback was very positive, you can expect to see more of these type of events,


July 13th Scores are Posted, Congratulations to Mat R for showing us how it is done.


The 3 Gun Team event has been canceled, there will be no 3 gun shooting on that date.

We will discuss a possible make up date later in the year is possible.

The shot gun shoot on the 4th will still be scheduled.


Breaking News:

After the July 13th and 27th 3 Guns, We are hosting a Shotgun Shoot at BWSA,on Sunday August 4th. 9:00 sign in, 9:30 am shooting.

There will be appx 6-8 stages, Rd count is still preliminary, but figure appx 200 Bird, 10 Buck, 10 Slugs.

There will be different Divisions, such as Open/Stock and Pump/Semi


If you haven't done so, Please send Dave B your Team Captains Email address for the July 27th 3 Gun Team event. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Wow! What a day that was, Scores are posted. Shane P took top spot for Zombie Slayer.

I hope everyone enjoyed the shoot, and killing some Zombies. We had 70 shooters, and only 3 got the bonus shot at the egg. I didn't ask how many broke on the way to the bonus spot.

I personally liked the Shotgun Zombie Killing Golf Cart, Good stuff

I have to say thanks to Brian from Turners Tactical Arms for lending us the Army truck. And all of the people that spent Thursday-Saturday setting up and taking down the stages, It is appreciated.

Next shoot is a Pistol Caliber Carbine on June 30th Thanks, Bob M

Zombie Shoot is this weekend Saturday June 15th, We can only tell you that it's going to be messy as usual. Look for more blood, guts, and brains, and of course mayhem!

Prize giveaway is promptly at 9:00am, Shooting starts at 9:30.


We held our first set of 3 Gun Nation Classifiers this past Sunday, 16 people have signed up so far, besides the wind messing with the targets, it was a pretty good day.

You can check out the scores at the following link.


We will have more classifiers later in the year, keep an eye out for them.


May Scores are posted, Looks like Chad took top spot in open, and Joel got the Stock division.

We had some great weather, and a good turn out. Dave keeps mentioning to practice for those obscure shots, (See picture)

But no one listens, I also hope the Hill climb didn't knock the wind out of you, Your going to need it for the Zombie shoot in June.(Zombie 3 Gun is June 15th In the event of heavy rain, A regular 3 Gun Shoot will still take Place)

Important Update: We will be hosting the 3Gun Nation Classifiers on Sunday June 2nd, We have too many RO scheduling conflicts on Saturday

Bob M

April Scores are posted, Congratulations to Chad for showing us how it's done.

BTW, please send all your hate mail to Dave and Tom for the new prop "The Platform", you will see more of that,

You can say Thanks to Dave for the 100 yd bonus shots with a Handgun,

Also we are going to host the 3 GunNation classifiers on June 2nd, setup at 9:00am and shooting at noon, $3 each classifier.

Don't forget to sign up at 3 gun nation, email Dave or Myself if you need more information.

Bob M

Breaking News, We have signed up with 3 Gun nation as part of their club series. www.3gunnation.com/news/the_3gn_club_series/

You sign up as a member at 3Gun Nation, Shoot 6 classifiers in a 12 month period. And are eligible for some great prizes, Remington Shotgun, AR15 Receiver, and other prizes, Check out the site and get with me or Dave B for more information.

April 20th is our next 3 Gun Shoot, get signed up and start shooting the classifiers, Our regular stages will still be part of our regular shoots.

Bob M

April Pistol Caliber Carbine scores are posted, We had a pretty good turn out, I think allowing the .22 shooters into the mix turned out quite well.

You noticed the miniature .22 plate rack and dueling tree, Thanks Dave

And Thanks to Cliff for getting this off and running, as long as everyone enjoys these shoots, we will keep having them.

The Polar shoot turned out to be one of the best ones yet, Plenty of snow, 30 deg. and sunny weather, We had a nice turn out, I hope everyone enjoyed the new rifle targets.

Congratulations to Shane P. for top spot. And a big thank you to the Carmen, Leslie, Amy, and Mary for cooking up the Mac and Cheese.

Looks like "D" was voted the best "Mac and Cheese"


2013 Schedule is posted, Mark your Calendar for this February 9th for the Polar 3 Gun,

We are also looking to add Pistol Caliber Carbine Matches to our Schedule, Drop me a line if you are interested in shooting them.


2012 Championship was a Blast, 6 great stages, great weather and familiar friends.

Congratulations to Rod D for showing us how it's done, Good job on 1st place

A big Thanks to Don W for the Suppressors and the HK G36 please drop him a line if your interested in getting a silencer

A big Thanks to our sponsor for the prizes.

Kurt from "The Centennial Company", Brownells, Turner Tactical Arms, Trijicon, Quest Arms, MidwayUSA, Natchez Shooters Supply, HCG Rifles, Steve Tobacco,  Thanks for all of your support.

We are hosting a final PCC match on Sunday October 7th

Then we are inside for Thursday practice 6:45 pm @ BWSA starting in November


The 3 Gun Extreme Team Event has been a challenge to say the least, we keep mentioning "Cardio"

I don't think anyone listens. I hope everyone enjoyed the unique stages.

here are the scores. I will put the full excel file on the score menu.

Bob M



July's Scores are posted, congratulations to Joel D for top shot.

The next shoot is the "Extreme Team Event" I believe all teams are place,

but fell free to email Dave B at his "Codeeagle" address in case there are still spots?


Scores are posted, Congratulations to Jason H, and Will T for taking top honors,

The Zombie Apocalypse is over, thanks to the shooters on Saturday who stepped up their game,

I trust everyone liked the actual "Zombies" running around the range, we shot, we decapitated, and we

had "Twinkies". I would like to thank our sponsors, Kurt R, from The Centennial Company in Marine city,

and Brian T, from Turner Tactical Arms in St Clair. Thanks to those that helped set up and clean up the stages.

I will have scores posted shortly. Bob M