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3 Gun Combat

Tactical 3 gun shooting and competition is a sport where you use your pistol, shotgun and rifle. You will use one, two or three of these guns in any given scenario. Scenarios can range from simple drills that test your shooting level, to more elaborate stages that can test your tactical shooting ability. In any scenario you could expect to find a vast variety of items ranging from paper and steel targets, knock downs, pop ups, running man, balloon men, pins, doors, walls, booby traps, flying clays, etc. There also may be stages where you are told to grab your pistol and shotgun or rifle and enter the unknown.

Guidelines and rules:

We meet at the outdoor ranges at B.W.S.A.

Start time is sign in at 8:30 a.m., we start shooting by 9:00 a.m.

cost for a 3 gun event is $25 for BWSA members and $30 for non members

Standard round count for 2012: (This may change due to special events)

Pistol - 200 rds

Rifle - 100 rds

Shotgun - 50 rds bird / 5 rds slug / 10 rds buckshot