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Rattle Battle

Load and be Ready!

Rattle run is a match that consists of 2 men teams, and 160 rounds of ammo per team, 80 rds each. There will be 4 shooting positions and 4 targets per man.

You start at the 200 yd line, in the prone position, and shoot as many rounds as you wish in a 60 second time limit. Targets will then be picked up to be scored.

Now you will go to the 150 yd line and in the seated position you will have 50 seconds to shoot as many rounds as you wish.

You will then kneel at the 100 yd line with 40 seconds to shoot as many rounds as you wish.

Lastly you will then stand at the 50 yd line with 30 seconds to finish off your rounds.

Now here is the strategic part. All hits from the 200 yd line are worth 4pts each. All hits from the 150 yd line are worth 3pts each. All hits from the 100 rd line are worth 2pts each and all hits from the 50 yd line are worth 1pt each.

You must decided how many rounds you will try to shoot at each distance. You may decide to spend more rounds at the higher scoring distances and less or none at all at the closer distances.

There is also a bonus system called "SQUARING". Example: If you have at least 10 rounds on each of your 4 targets, then 10 squared = 100 bonus points. If you have at least 6 rounds on each of the targets, then 6 squared = 36 bonus points.

There are now alibis. If one shooter has a failure, his ammo can be given to the other shooter, if it is interchangeable. If it is not, then you are out of luck.