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Safety Rules

1. The following will result in disqualification:

Dropped gun – No Exceptions
Unsafe gun handling
Unsportsmanlike conduct
Premature shot in the holster or striking behind firing line or into the ground down range within 2 yards of firing line
Any uncontrolled shot that poses a safety issue such as rounds leaving the designated shoot area
Any rapid fire not part of the planned match and not approved by the Range Officer prior to shooting

2. Muzzle of all firearms must never be pointed in an unsafe direction
3. Firearms may only be loaded on command of RO
4. During the loading, unloading, drawing, re-holstering, while moving, or during any remedial action, fingers must be outside of the trigger guard and the muzzle pointed down range.
5. After completing any course of fire or firing problem, shooter must unload, show clear, and re-holster, before turning up range, or leaving the firing line.
6. In any stage where transition may be required, pistols must be fully re-holstered before moving on.
7. During contest, shooters not firing will refrain from handling firearms except at designated safe areas.
8. Magazines and speed loaders may be loaded while off the firing line, but no live ammo is to be handled in the safe area.
9. Rifles and shotguns must be carried in their cases or actions must be open while moving between stages. Chamber flags should be used.


Revised 2/25/12