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Stage design templates

A few people have asked if they can submit a stage design, here are some word document (templates) that contains our targets, as well as some from the stage exchange website

I will give a brief description on how to use them, print them out and bring them with you or email them to any of the R.O's

Click on the links below to download a word .doc of the targets, I'm using word 2007, But word 97-2007 works also.

200YD year end this is the final version I posted below (this was set up on the 200 yd bay)

IPSC Props these are from the stage exchange website. (some good props and targets in here)

Targets These represent our targets at BWSA should automatically download and open


1. click on "Targets" and save or open in word, click "view" tab and "one page tab"

2. once targets are up, click on "new blank document"

3 click the "view" tab, and "view side by side".

4 click on a target, that will put an edit box around it, right click and copy, then right click to paste in blank document, you can click paste over again to make multiples of the same target. click them and move them around to match our bays.

5 click the insert tab, and click insert text box, move text box to a blank part of the page, type up your scenario. *note: you can click insert picture that will allow you to insert a picture you have saved on your computer, that is how I got the terrorist picture on there

6 Keep in mind to follow some basic rules, T1=target 1 P1=Position 1, don't forget basic safety and where your rounds will impact beyond the targets, or where you are going to stage guns and place props safely.

Practice on the 200 yd doc, click and move them around to get a feel for them, eventually I would like to make it an online interactive stage design.

Email me if you need any help or want to submit a stage, you can also post it in the forum

Email Bob M