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3 Gun Rules/Information


1. Shooter may only fire the number of rounds specified in the course of fire unless shooting at steel where it is specified it must fall.

2. Whenever cover is provided, it must be used. At least 50% of the upper torso must be behind cover while engaging threat targets or dealing with malfunctions.

3. All reloads must be done behind cover if available and completed before leaving cover when using pistol. This does not pertain to rifles or shotguns.

4. No loaded ammunition carriers may be left behind unless the firearm is left behind. Rounds ejected due to malfunction may be left behind.

5. You are not allowed to shoot extra rounds down range to expedite reloads or empty magazines.

6. No armour piercing ammo, tracer, incendiary or steel core. No hollow points may be used in the pistol. If you are not sure of your rifle ammo, put a magnet on the bullet; if it sticks it is not usable.

7. All misses and hits on no shoots will be 10 second penalty unless otherwise stated.

8. Knock down targets must fall to score.

9. Frangible targets must break to score. Targets must be clearly broken. One BB hole is not a break.

10. Spare ammunition, magazines, speed loaders, and other equipment must be secured in pouches, pockets, and/or carriers on the shooters person or firearm.

11. Failing to help reset and or tape targets will result in stage DQ.

12. After squad walk through and any questions at that time, shooters must be prepared to shoot the course of fire when his or her name is called.

13. After the first round is fired, there will be no reshoots of stages due to shooter's equipment malfunction.

14. Individual rehearsals of stages, air gunning, and/or sight pictures are not allowed.






Shooter Classifications

STOCK: Handgun: factory configuration, un-ported, double or single stack, standard magazine

Rifle: anything goes

Shotgun: Max 8 rounds in the magazine

OPEN: Handgun: ported, scoped, any external modification, max mag length of 170mm

Rifle: anything goes

Shotgun: over 8 rounds, detachable mags, x-rails, saiga, etc.

Divisions: 1. Standard shooter

2. Ladies

3. Senior 60 plus.